Workplace Troubles

30 Jul

What to do when you really hate your job? Ok “hate” is a strong word but it makes it crystal clear that you are willing to leave as soon as possible.

This has always been an everlasting question of mine: if given the opportunity to leave a job you dislike after only a few months of employment, why not leave? Many experienced pr pros suggest to be committed to a job for at least one year. It builds resume experience and shows dedication. I agree, if the job is bearable and experience is being gained–then stay. I disagree with being completely miserable at a job and staying without seeking other opportunities.

Here goes the famous question employers will ask: 3 months? Why did you leave your job in 3 months?

Depending on how you answer it, I think the employer should be understanding. Yes, the employer will be taking the risk of you possibly leaving them in 3 months but if your reason for leaving the previous job is plausible then employers should understand.

I’m  an advocate for being happy in life. If your job is affecting your mood outside of work…LEAVE! The best part about work (even if you love your job) is going home, kicking off your shoes and relaxing. If you dread going home because you know you have to wake up and do it all over again then something has to change. So what, your boss will be upset, this is an opportunity for someone else to apply to your position who actually likes it! It isn’t your fault you don’t like your job. As long as you’re taking the proper steps to secure a job before resigning at your current then you’re still on the pathway to success and happiness!


You won’t regret it!

30 Jul

NYC PR Girls

27 Jun

This blog -> has gotten me through tough times in my pr career and still is. It’s always comforting to read posts about pr girls experiencing the same things as I am. NYC pr girls offers tips and advice on how to be successful in such a competitive industry. Although the girls controlling the blog are based in NYC they offer advice relatable to pr girls across the U.S. I recommend upcoming pr practitioners to refer to this blog to help make life a little easier.

I found my calling!

29 May

Who doesn’t love food and travelling? As a long-time food enthusiast and lover of the finer things in life, I realized hospitality public relations fits me perfectly. My heart was set on fashion pr in college but after years of internships and experience I now know what I love. Which is silly, because when you love something you should know it and go after it! I was blinded and I’m not sure why.

Bravo series: No Reservations and Bizarre Foods are two of my favorite shows. Of course the food is the best part of both shows but what really intrigues me are the many cultures Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern encounter. Some of the locations they visit are absolutely breath-taking and others are in poverty but have a story to tell. I enjoy every spectacle, every culture and all of the food consumed by the hosts of these shows. I enjoy experiencing their experience!

Why can’t that be me? I want to travel, eat food and write about it. I want to represent a food and beverage company, hotel, resort etc. A client should be represented by a pr practitioner who loves what they do. The client would be my first priority and their audience/consumer would be in my best interest. It’s important to me to provide quality client service while always thinking about the experience of the client’s audience.


5 Apr

This may be the funniest PR related blog I’ve ever came across. My favorite Tumblr page by far!

Check it out!


Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.

11 Feb

Richard Branson

Wynter Gordon Releases Human Condition Collection

20 Jan


Pop sensation Wynter Gordon has outdone herself with The Human Condition EP Collection. The extended play is divided into four parts each being released on different dates. Human Condition : Doleo (Part 1) and Human Condition: Sanguine (Part 2) have already been released.

This EP provides her dedicated fans with songs she has written and produced not under her record label . The music featured on Human Condition is an illustration of Gordon’s creativity, vocal range and uniqueness. She has shown the world she can sing pop music and dance like the typical pop star. Now, she is proving her talent is much broader than what is expected of her.

The singer-songwriter has a distinct voice that is unlike others. This collection is an exceptional representation of her musical skills and diversity.