My Obsession with Bizarre Foods

16 Jul

It all began about two weeks ago, lying on my bed in my apartment at school. Just another boring night in Mt.Pleasant, Mich. with nothing to do because I’ve done everything there is to do in this small town. The Travel Channel caught my interest and Andrew Zimmern, the host of Bizarre Foods stole my heart.

This man, this brave human garbage disposal ate things I would never think to place near my mouth. I watched episode after episode of this show amazed at Zimmern eating bugs, cow stomach, raw meat and anything else you could imagine.

He not only travels across the world to try different foods but he learns about cultures, participates in their traditions and gives them the utmost respect while doing so.

After watching many marathons of Bizarre Foods, I think I have the courage to step outside of my western mindset and try foods that I wouldn’t normally eat from other cultures.

The show premiered in 2007 and is now bigger than ever. I’m happy I stumbled upon this educational and inspirational show.


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