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I found my calling!

29 May

Who doesn’t love food and travelling? As a long-time food enthusiast and lover of the finer things in life, I realized hospitality public relations fits me perfectly. My heart was set on fashion pr in college but after years of internships and experience I now know what I love. Which is silly, because when you love something you should know it and go after it! I was blinded and I’m not sure why.

Bravo series: No Reservations and Bizarre Foods are two of my favorite shows. Of course the food is the best part of both shows but what really intrigues me are the many cultures Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern encounter. Some of the locations they visit are absolutely breath-taking and others are in poverty but have a story to tell. I enjoy every spectacle, every culture and all of the food consumed by the hosts of these shows. I enjoy experiencing their experience!

Why can’t that be me? I want to travel, eat food and write about it. I want to represent a food and beverage company, hotel, resort etc. A client should be represented by a pr practitioner who loves what they do. The client would be my first priority and their audience/consumer would be in my best interest. It’s important to me to provide quality client service while always thinking about the experience of the client’s audience.