Workplace Troubles

30 Jul

What to do when you really hate your job? Ok “hate” is a strong word but it makes it crystal clear that you are willing to leave as soon as possible.

This has always been an everlasting question of mine: if given the opportunity to leave a job you dislike after only a few months of employment, why not leave? Many experienced pr pros suggest to be committed to a job for at least one year. It builds resume experience and shows dedication. I agree, if the job is bearable and experience is being gained–then stay. I disagree with being completely miserable at a job and staying without seeking other opportunities.

Here goes the famous question employers will ask: 3 months? Why did you leave your job in 3 months?

Depending on how you answer it, I think the employer should be understanding. Yes, the employer will be taking the risk of you possibly leaving them in 3 months but if your reason for leaving the previous job is plausible then employers should understand.

I’m  an advocate for being happy in life. If your job is affecting your mood outside of work…LEAVE! The best part about work (even if you love your job) is going home, kicking off your shoes and relaxing. If you dread going home because you know you have to wake up and do it all over again then something has to change. So what, your boss will be upset, this is an opportunity for someone else to apply to your position who actually likes it! It isn’t your fault you don’t like your job. As long as you’re taking the proper steps to secure a job before resigning at your current then you’re still on the pathway to success and happiness!


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